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Birthday Google Doodles

  1. Tolstoy’s 186th Birthday Honored With Interactive Google Doodle

    On the Google Doodles website, Muradov says he settled on two images from Tolstoy's three major works that are displayed in a stage-like format. On what would be Russian writer Leo Tolstoy's 186th birthday, Google pays homage with a doodle that is...

  2. Audrey Hepburn Google Doodle Celebrates Actress, Philanthropist

    You can see some alternative Hepburn Doodles and sketches here. A Google Doodle today features legendary actress Audrey Hepburn, best known for classic movies such as Breakfast at Tiffany's, My Fair Lady, and Sabrina, on what would have been her...

  3. Saul Bass Google Logo Celebrates Master of Movie Title Sequences

    In addition to his work in film, Bass was responsible for creating quite a few logos for corporations, including the likes of ATMore Google Doodles I've always been interested in the work of Saul Bass and was delighted to get the opportunity to...

  4. Gustav Klimt Google Logo Celebrates 150th Birthday of Austrian Erotica Artist

    Google has featured the works of other artists in Google doodles on the homepage recently, including: The work of once controversial and now revered Austrian symbolist painter Gustav Klimt are celebrated on Google’s homepage today, in honor of his...

  5. 4th of July Google Doodle Was Made For You and Me

    Just as barbecues and fireworks have become tradition on this date, so too have holiday Google Doodles. More Google Doodles Today, Google has checked in with its 13th Independence Day themed logo celebrating America's birthday.

  6. Alan Turing Google Doodle: Turing Machine Codebreaker Logo Honors Father of Computer Science

    More Google Doodles Alan Turing would have celebrated his 100th birthday today. Google honors the life and work of a man whose accomplishments were many; a brilliant academic and codebreaker, Turing is also known amongst computer scientists as the...

  7. Howard Carter King Tut Google Logo Pays Homage to Famous Archaeologist

    More Google Doodles Google’s homepage logo today is a birthday tribute to archaeologist Howard Carter, who discovered King Tutankhamun’s tomb in 1922. Today, Google celebrates what would have been the famed archaeologist’s 138th birthday with their...

  8. Google Doodle Honors Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

    Google has also added some notes on the two most recent Doodles on their newly revamped Google Doodles website. Martin Luther King Jr.s birthday. Martin Luther King Jr.s birthday, I wanted to depict the steadfastness of his approach to civil rights.

  9. Google Doodlers Pay A Call On Charles Addams' 100th Birthday

    After some of the Doodles from last year, should it have been more interactive? The cartoonist who created The Addams Family has been honored with a Google Doodle on what would have been his 100th birthday.

  10. Is Diego Rivera Google Doodle a Nod to the 99%?

    There is plenty of hidden depths and artistic allusions in previous Doodles and today's is no different, as detailed in this excellent critique from the Washington Post. Today's Google Logo honors the 125th birthday of Mexican painter Diego Rivera.

  11. Google Gumby Logo Honors Art Clokey's 90th Birthday

    Google Turns 13: A History of Google's Birthday Doodles Recent Google Doodles At the top of the screen, “Art Clokey’s 90th Birthday” links to the search results page for Clokey. The logo is in honor of what would have been Clokey's 90th birthday...

  12. Jim Henson Muppets Google Doodle Lets You Become the Puppeteer

    Generally, Google Doodles appear on the site for 24 hours, but this logo appeared a bit early starting yesterday and will stay up for a total of 36 hours on Google’s home page. Google and The Jim Henson Company have collaborated to honor the 75th...