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  1. Rachel Louise Carson Google Doodle Honors Marine Biologist, 'Silent Spring' Author

    Google's special logo depicts Carson in a field with binoculars and a notebook, surrounded by several types of birds and wildlife. Her book, "Silent Spring", noted the absence of birds in areas with significant agricultural farming.

  2. Google & Yahoo Reveal the Most Searched For Halloween Costumes of 2013

    Hottest Halloween Costumes of 2011: Angry Birds, Black Swan, and Sexy Superheroes Judging by recent searches, you aren't the only one. Both Google and Yahoo agree that Minion costumes – from the "Despicable Me" movies – are the top trending...

  3. Landing Page Optimization: How to Identify Testing Opportunities

    In the case of Kapitall that was coming up with landing pages that moved away from kind of the boring and straightforward white-background pages to something that had a game feel to them – an "Angry Birds"-themed page was the winner there.

  4. How Search Engines are Celebrating Valentine’s Day 2013

    With Cupid, hearts, and love birds: Bing has a pair of love birds – well, actually a pair of little owls named Mr. Why so blue, Yahoo? It seems Yahoo isn’t feeling the love this Valentine’s Day, though the other search engines – including Bing...

  5. Invest in This, Not That: A Competitive PPC Analysis Solution for the Holidays

    New Product: Angry Birds Plush? If we look at the trend for the keyword “Angry Birds Plush”, we can interpret from the graph that in recent months the searches and overall interest have increased. By studying the Facebook ads for “Angry Birds Plush...