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  1. Google Passes Microsoft to Become 2nd Largest Tech Company

    While Microsoft operates online, with its Bing search engine for instance, it still relies on its PC-based Windows operating system (OS) and Office software. Google's market valuation rose 1 percent to $761.78 at the close of the stock market in...

  2. Yahoo-Bing Search Alliance: 3 Key Findings All Search Marketers Must Know

    Now, with nearly a third of the search query market, U.S.advertisers have new reasons to consider investing in Yahoo and Bing. It's clear the Search Alliance is working -- perhaps even better than Yahoo and Bing expected, given the higher...

  3. Google Antitrust Deal in Works? Schmidt Meets With Key EU Regulator

    The companies alleging Google wrongdoing are U.K.price comparison site Foundem (partly funded by Microsoft); French legal search engine; and Microsoft's Ciao by Bing. Almunia said he would try, the New York Times reported.