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  1. Will Yahoo Torch its Search Deal With Microsoft, Outsource Search to Google?

    Less than a year later, Microsoft and Yahoo struck a 10-year search deal in which Bing would power Yahoo’s organic search results and Yahoo would sell search advertising, with adCenter being the self-service ad platform for both companies.

  2. Bing's New Back-end: Cosmos and Tigers and Scope, Oh My

    The job posting also says that the engineer will go on to work in “the critical area of Ads,” building the infrastructure for real-time ad processing and delivery for all adCenter properties. In late September, Search Engine Watch spoke with...

  3. Inside the adCenter Quality Score -- Or Should We Call It Competitive Score?

    New features are coming soon to Microsoft adCenter. Sure, adCenter doesn't have the impression volume of Google, but it's slowly gaining. That's a valid question, but your account management focus should shift proportionally as adCenter gains...

  4. Search News & Headlines Around the Web - April 6, 2011

    Concerns About adCenter's Editorial Review Process Are Legitimate - Rimm-Kaufman Group IE9 Is Boosting Bing Usage, Study Says - Search Engine Land Bing Angry Birds Twitter Giveaway - Bing Search Blog Microsoft rival to Google Street View set for...