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Bing Ads Scroogled Campaign

  1. Psst, Microsoft! Bashing Competitors Isn’t a Marketing Strategy

    The purpose of the Scroogled campaign isn't to convince you Microsoft is the better search and email alternative. It's the Scroogled campaign that paints Google as the creepy guy who stalks you with binoculars and sifts through your underwear...

  2. Is Google Trust Being Scroogled?

    Microsoft this week, during the holiday season, increased the public pressure on Google with its “Scroogledcampaign. The group put out its remedies "to resolve the harms that result from Google’s anti-competitive search and business practices...

  3. Don't Get Scroogled: Microsoft Launches Anti-Google Holiday Shopping Campaign

    Citing consumer trust, one of Bing's goals of the Don't Get Scroogled campaign is to call on Google to stop this paid inclusion practice. The campaign is called “Don't Get Scroogled,” complete with a video and its own website,