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  1. Conquering Content Marketing, Step 2: The Content (and Plot) Develops

    Soon after, images of Don's billboard being vandalized started circulating on social platforms and around the blogosphere. I can see it now, a huge billboard showing super-thin models in our tightest jeans with the words, 'British Outfitters – The...

  2. YouTube May Launch a Commercial-Free Music Subscription Service by End of Year speculated the YouTube service might offer "offline cacheing of songs and videos so users can listen on their mobile devices even when they're not connected or when they're trying to save on bandwidth costs or battery consumption.

  3. Avoiding the SEO 'Fiscal Cliff' – Justifying Investment With Metrics that Matter

    At the same time we were informed $50,000 was allocated to a freeway billboard. When asked about billboard traffic and conversion generation, they responded with, “Well, that’s different! Your offsite content is an online billboard!

  4. 5 Facebook Timeline Brand Page User Insights and Tips for Marketers [Study]

    Tip: “Brands should make full use of new functionality – such as the Timeline and cover Image – to engage users, being aware that the latter has to be used imaginatively and not just considered to be a Facebook ‘billboard.