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Bill Net Neutrality

  1. Google Behind Tool to Detect ISP Blocking

    Senator Dorgan Prepares Net Neutrality Bill It's no secret that Google is an avid supporter of net neutrality legislation. Uncle Sam Says: Thumbs Down on Net Neutrality Now, in an effort to further their cause, they've partnered with he New America...

  2. Senator Dorgan Prepares Net Neutrality Bill

    Senator Byron Dorgan (D-ND) is planning to introduce a net neutrality bill in January, according to Reuters. President-elect Barack Obama has said he supports net neutrality, though it is not yet clear whether he backs Dorgan's bill.

  3. Daily SearchCast, June 8, 2006: Yahoo Answers Grows And Grows; Google Sued Over Ad It Refuses To Run; Google Urges Users To Rally For Net Neutrality & More!

    Google cofounder Sergey Brin might not have been able to lobby all the US senators he wanted earlier this week to stop a bill that threatens net neutrality. The Debate over Net Neutrality on the Official Google Blog urges Google users to call...