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  1. SEO Into 2014: The Irreversible Changes in Google's Products

    We provide best practices for SMBs, perform audits, and execute solutions. Our intentions are to support the underdogs in the face of corporate competitors – and oppositely, to ensure big-brand clientele are outperforming their rivals.

  2. Smaller-Screen Creative: Why Smartphones & Tablets Aren't Created Equal

    Though advertiser adoption of mobile-specific campaigns for either smartphone or tablet devices has been slower than user growth, consumers insatiable desire for the next best mobile gadget is forcing big brands, SMBs, and their agencies to not...

  3. Google, Bing, Twitter & YouTube: Latest Comings & Goings

    Adam Bain, Twitter's global revenue head, has announced the hiring of two Google execs with international ad sales experience to attract more spend from SMBs and big brands: Shailesh Rao from Google Ireland and Stephen McIntyre from Google’s Asia...