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  1. SEO in the Age of Apps: Diversifying Your Mobile SEO Strategy

    The audience is relatively small with an estimated 1 million businesses, 10.4 million monthly users, and 25 million users overall, but its specifically mobile and local nature gives Foursquare special importance as a search channel for brick and...

  2. SEO, Content Marketing & Social: Hot Topics Ahead of SES Toronto 2013

    This will shake small businesses that have focused on a short-term fix – thin link building. The groups from Canada that will meetup at #SESTO are: mindSHIFT, a Toronto-based business club where CEOs and business owners mingle and develop innovative

  3. Video, Journalists & PR: 3 Keys to Local Small Business Marketing #Pubcon

    Video can be one of the easiest and most influential ways small businesses can market to local, repeat customers, business owners just have to get over the fear of being on camera. I’ve yet to find a boring story from a business in a video yet and...

  4. 10 Insights from a Lite SEO Audit That Any Small Business Can Benefit From

    They also often come with a price tag that many small to medium sized businesses can’t afford. For small businesses, there are times websites contain a limited set of pages. So I explained more about lite SEO audits for small businesses and he was...

  5. How Local Small Businesses are Evolving Their Online Marketing Strategies

    Google has been pushing to get more local small businesses online, even offering free websites. Still, it appears small businesses are merely scratching the surface when it comes to penetrating the web for marketing needs.

  6. SOPA Explained: Why It’s Bad for the Web & How to #StopSOPA

    If enacted, S.968 - Protect IP Act (PIPA) and HR.3261, The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), would negatively affect all Internet-based businesses, traditional businesses that have Internet presences or divisions, marketers and advertisers, and all...