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Bid Price Keyword Index

  1. Daily SearchCast, July 19, 2006: Yahoo Stock Drops On Panama Ad System Delay; Google Finance Gets Conference Call Transcripts; Yahoo Gets House Pricing Data; A Semantic Web Smackdown? & More!

    Fathom Online released a keyword price index update that shows keyword prices fell again quarter over quarter by 8.6 percent. Google is weeding out these affiliates by inflating their minimum bid to prices that are not economically sound for.

  2. Search Engines And Legal Issues

    Overture has a patent relating to bid-for-placement services and has filed a suit against Google, claiming that company's paid listing program violates the patent. Overture filed a lawsuit against Google last month, claiming that Google has...

  3. The "Secret System" of Search Engine Advertising

    You rarely see the bid process go down. I don't think it's deceptive because there is no promotion of your URL because the URL is in the index. Although at this time one must participate in a search engines paid keyword listings campaign to also...