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  1. Building Better Search Interfaces: A Workshop About Exploratory Searches

    Search engines, bibliographic databases and digital libraries provide adequate support for users whose information needs are well-defined. When someone uses a search engine to try to locate information about a subject which they know very little...

  2. Updates and Improvements Made to U.S. Government's Search Site; IRS Web Site Redesigns for Better Site Search

    Version 3 of, which went operational last week, incorporates bibliographic information into its searches. Government Computing News has two stories today about two U.S. Governmet organizations making improvements to their search offerings.

  3. On Library Card Catalogs, OPACs, The Perfect Search & Teaching Searchers

    Bibliographic Enrichment Team doing work in this area. My mind is going a million miles a minute over the whole "Perfect Search" discussion that kicked off this week. Instead of getting it all out now, I plan to do in small doses while at the...

  4. More Publishing Trade Groups Weigh In On Changes to Google's Library Scanning Project

    s proposal to stop the digitisation program until 1 November, up to which date publishers may exclude their works by supplying full bibliographic details including ISBN/ISSN (a major undertaking), to offer an acceptable solution.