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  1. Guide to Google Analytics Demographics Reports: Age, Gender & Interests

    This can happen for Age, Gender, and Interest Reports and any report or segment that uses these. Using Demographic and Interest Data The launch of the Demographics reports in 2013 means we can now have some very powerful data at our fingertips to...

  2. Facebook Mobile App Install Ads: Optimize Beyond Clicks to Drive Higher ROI

    As trends suggest that Facebook mobile usage is primed for significant growth over the next three to four years, expect marketers' interest in mobile app promotion will grow in parallel. Facebook marketers who incorporate offline and revenue-based...

  3. Visual Storytelling: The Key Weapon to Content Marketing

    You don’t have to have a huge meaningful story to create genuine interest. Although there remain several negative reviews on Timeline, consider how you might better leverage this attribute in Facebook to visually tell a story about your brand.