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  1. SearchDay | Setting up PPC Campaigns 101

    Behavioral Targeting: Profiling or Perfecting User Experience SEW EXPERTS: SEM CROSSFIRE Some see behavioral targeting as the ultimate marketing tool. Waggener Edstrom Releases Twitter Monitoring Tool: Twendz Posted by Greg Jarboe Mar 17, 2009...

  2. SearchDay | Universal Search Should Be a Plus

    SEM CROSSFIRE Could our industry's Big Three replace the old ones? OnTarget, which launched today in beta at SES Chicago, is a web-based subscription service that measures and . Google Friend Connect Beta Available for All Webmasters Posted by...

  3. SearchDay | Selling SEO During an Economic Downturn

    Selling SEO During an Economic Downturn SEM CROSSFIRE In a down economy, business development for SEO becomes increasingly important. Google Beta Testing New AdWords Interface Posted by Nathania Johnson Nov 21, 2008 Google AdWords is beta testing...

  4. SearchDay | The Organic and Paid Balancing Act

    SEO During E-Commerce Application Development SEM CROSSFIRE E-commerce applications for Web sites can take thousands of hours to build, and require patience and determination on the part of the organization.

  5. SearchDay | Would You Endorse this Web Site?

    SEO Reporting: Going Beyond Rankings SEM CROSSFIRE Enterprise-level SEO provides consistently outstanding ROI over the life of the project. The first phase will be a beta release, expected in the fourth .

  6. SearchDay | All That Glitters Is Not Chrome

    All That Glitters Is Not Chrome SEM CROSSFIRE With the launch of Google's Chrome browser Tuesday, the Google machine moves into another territory. Chrome is the Google-developed browser that was released into, what else, beta this week.

  7. SearchDay | Google OS Arrives, In the Form of a Browser

    SEM CROSSFIRE If you're a newbie looking for guidance in search marketing, there are plenty of places to find it, if you know how to best phrase your request for information. Today, Google has made a significant step toward becoming a Web-based...

  8. SearchDay: The Evolution of SEO

    Google Knols Best SEM CROSSFIRE If you need some lift, start dropping pages into Google Knol and Google pages. The FriendFeed competitor is still in private beta. Tips for Making the Most of SES San Jose SEM.EDU As a lead-up to SES San Jose, we...