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Beta Testing Search Test

  1. How to Diversify Your PPC Campaigns – and Your Skill Sets at the Same Time

    Enroll in New Beta Products Google AdWords and Bing Ads launch beta products frequently. In fact, just recently we launched a new beta for this client that completely changed how we will manage their account going forward (see graph below).

  2. Google Webmaster Tools Adds Debugging Support in Structured Data Dashboard

    This feature has been beta tested with select webmasters since June, and has been enhanced by their suggestions for improved functionality to make it into the newly launched debugging tool. They can go and test those snippets with the Structured...

  3. Why Your Organization Needs a Culture of Testing & How to Make it Happen

    Often, these are fed by anecdotal feedback, the latest trend you hear at a conference or the newest bright, shiny object in beta from the search engines. One of the toughest things many search marketers face is creating a culture of testing in...

  4. Bing Tests New Home Page "Live Tiles" Design, PPC Ads in Organic Results

    These features are part of an initiative Microsoft announced last September during the beta launch of Internet Explorer 9. Search engines - and Bing is no exception – test (or in Bing’s terminology “flight”) new features and designs frequently on...