SEO News

Beta Stage

  1. Marin Software Helps Customers Lock Down Their Preferred Position in Paid Search Results

    With the feature still in beta stage, Marin said it's opening it up to customers that would most benefit from PositionLock. Marin Software has a new feature which allows customers to choose a position in the paid search results and stay there.

  2. DON'T PANIC: Google's Insanely Complicated Douglas Adams Interactive Doodle

    Other versions of the series included a television adaption, stage shows, games, comics, and a 2005 movie. The various exotic planets, alien races, and intergalactic sociopolitical situations are usually filtered through the lens of the series...

  3. 5 Ways to Improve Social Engagement in Mobile Apps

    Despite our awkward birthing stage, we have gleaned tremendous insights in terms of going to market with a social app. Two months ago, we were approved in the app store and are now in open beta (we are accepting users, but aren't promoting so we...

  4. Trapit Discovery Engine Launches, on a 'Collision Course with Google'

    Trapit, a content discovery engine that learns your preferences and behaviors, has entered its open beta stage. While it doesn't strictly fall into the realm of search, a Trapit co-founder indicates that Google and Trapit are on a collision course.

  5. GoAnimate Unveils New Political Characters and Backgrounds

    The new collection includes five new backgrounds: The Debate Stage, The Talk Show, The Situation Room, Network News, and The Pub. SES Chicago Planning an Accelerator Track by beta+7 More Jobs for Marketers: Stand w...

  6. Facebook F8 Wrapup: Timeline, Ticker, GraphRank for Users & Marketers

    As an example of an app developer contributing to this revolution in sharing, he brought to the stage Spotify CEO Daniel Elk. This new Open Graph (currently in beta) and coming apps add the verbs: Watching, Listening, Reading, Cooking, Hiking.

  7. Healthline & GE Launch 3D Human Body Visual Search Engine

    Overall Google Body looks like it has a lot of potential, but is lacking any useful information at this stage. However, it offers little more information - which might not be surprising as it is an experimental product that is still in beta.

  8. Search Marketing Toolbox - SES San Francisco

    When you start out, free tools will do the job; at this stage it's more about people and education. Campaign Experiments is now in Beta and allows you to run experiments to see in a statistically significant way, results from your campaign...

  9. Developing Great Content - SES San Francisco

    Wendi takes the stage first. Wendi announces that Yahoo is looking to help simplify the content creation process with their new Content Network platform which has just been launched in beta. Are you still with me, or have you run off for cocktails?