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Ben Gomes

  1. Google Shows Evolution of Search, Launches Interactive Timeline

    As Ben Gomes, Google Fellow, put it, search's goal remained the same: "provide the most relevant information for the user in the fastest time possible. Official Google representatives have given their feedback on how Google has evolved, what its...

  2. 7 Reasons Why Google Instant Makes SEO Dead-on Relevant

    Ben Gomes talked in detail of the feedback mechanism within Google instant. Serendipitously, Ben Parr of Mashable was able to ask the Google team sitting on the stage (among whom was Sergey Brin), and i paraphase, "what impact will Google Instant...

  3. Google Discusses Search Evaluation Process

    Ben Gomes talked about how we make use of these experiments for testing search UI elements in his previous post. Today, the latest post in the series discusses how evaluation enters into the the process.

  4. Google's Search Experiments are Sometimes Subtle

    On the Official Google Blog, Ben Gomes explains that sometimes Google's search experiments are very subtle. Have you ever been around a friend who points out a flaw about themselves and you say, "I would never have noticed that if you hadn't...

  5. What Search Quality Means to Search Engine Google

    In the boldly headlined blog entry, "Search quality, continued," Googler Ben Gomes explaines in greater depth what search quality means to Google. Gomes has written a clear overview of factors that Google considers to improve search user experience.