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Ben Elgin

  1. Google vs. the World

    In the article: Google's Grand Ambitions, BusinessWeek's Ben Elgin and Arik Hesseldahl, take a look at what Google might be up to. Sure, we talk and read these days about Google vs. Micrsoft but this article also speculates about possible Google vs.

  2. Google: The Business

    Ben Elgin at Business Week asks if Google is a one-trick pony? a handful of analysts increasingly are questioning whether Google's laser-like focus on search may be something of an Achilles' heel. Google remains almost entirely dependent for growth...

  3. $$$ in Desktop Search?

    Business Week's Ben Elgin offers his thoughts in a new article. Can money be made in desktop search? He writes, "The money-making potential of desktop search is dubious in the short term. The various players haven't announced business blueprints...