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Ben Bernanke

  1. New legislation attempts to regulate hedge funds

    Senator Christopher Dodd, head of the Senate banking committee, is planning a sweeping round of hearings in February that will focus on the need to more tightly regulate the financial markets and will feature testimonies from Treasury secretary...

  2. The Month in Review

    US Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke indicated that the central bank is prepared to cut interest rates further to help ease recession fears. Bernanke signals rate cut In his semi-annual report to the US Congress, Bernanke said the Fed would...

  3. Quantum leap

    Dr zinc and Dr nickel are a lot smarter than Dr Bernanke (referring to US Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke). Jim Rogers has gained renown for several reasons. Among them is his co-founding of the Quantum fund with George Soros in 1970 - which...

  4. SEC help sought as auction securities crisis deepens

    Appearing before the US House of Representatives Financial Services Committee on February 27, Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke appeared to downplay the ARS situation, saying: "With respect to municipal bonds and student loans, the good news...