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  1. London Underground Google Doodle Celebrates 150 Years of the Tube

    The color-coded Tube map can be traced back to electrical engineer Harry Beck. The first underground electrically-operated railway made its debut 150 years ago today in London. To mark the occasion for seachers in the UK, Google has posted a Doodle...

  2. Blekko & Stack Overflow Team Up; Is The Future Celebrity Endorsed Search Indexes?

    Failing that, perhaps they should approach /conservative Glenn Beck is currently bashing Google and has previously endorsed alternative search engines. Search engine upstart, Blekko, continuing it's quest to form an alliance against spam has...

  3. Martin Luther King, Jr. Still Causing Controversy Today, On Facebook

    Another political pundit who has honored Martin Luther King, is Glenn Beck who compared his position on non-violence to King's and called for a pledge of non-violence. However, Glenn Beck, who is backed by children's search engine Yippy is...

  4. Search Engine Update - Who's Out There Shaking Things Up?

    The 30 second TV spots will air nationally on Fox News Channel's Glenn Beck show and on the Cavuto show on the Fox Business Network and will also be supported by a rich media campaign on and over the same period.

  5. Ad agencies should slide on down to SES New York

    Paul Beck, Senior Partner, Worldwide, Executive Director, Interactive Marketing Whether you work at one of the top 10 ad agencies on Madison Avenue, or you head up an Internet advertising agency in Silicon Alley, you folks could use “a little...

  6. Navigating London

    Its creator, Harry Beck, was an electrical engineer who based the design on an electric schematic. To avoid this, check out the London Transport Museum Underground Map which morphs between Beck's map and the geographically correct map of the tube.