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Beauty Products

  1. Facebook Gifts App Gets 14 New Retail Partners

    Jeff Petrosillo, senior e-commerce manager at L'Occitane, which sells beauty products from the Provence, said the company has about 550,000 followers on Facebook and is thrilled at the potential for those followers to share its products with their...

  2. How to do Awesome SEO Keyword Research for a Standard Website

    The beauty of running several tests on your keywords is that it if a keyword isn’t suitable from one point of view, it can be from another – but everything is done in a consistent manner so you don’t need to argue with your team or your client...

  3. ModCloth Converts Customers into Brand Evangelists with YouTube

    YouTube is a great partner because it empowers users to be content creators and influencers in beauty and fashion. Layering calls to action on top of videos also helps curious viewers find new wares, accessories, and products on the site.

  4. 3 Social Marketing Communication Methods: When & How to Use Them

    One brand of beauty products was so well known for exploiting this sales channel that the medium itself became the basis of a marketing slogan: "Avon calling! Use Facebook insights and Twitter’s promoted products platform to leverage many-to-many...