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  1. YouTube Vloggers and Haul Girls Crush Big Beauty Industry Brands [Study]

    Apparently, Michelle Phan isn't the only YouTube beauty guru who is radically transforming the beauty industry. She's just one of the best known YouTube vloggers (video bloggers), "haul girls", and other beauty content creators who are crushing big...

  2. Writing Content for Users vs. Search Engines: Is There Still a Difference?

    The beauty of this is that it will gradually eliminate a major problem in content generation. Skilled copywriters could get their point across to both in an unobtrusive fashion. The less skilled stood out like sore thumbs.

  3. Retail Paid Search Traffic Up 30%, Organic Visits Drop 3% [Study]

    One interesting statistic is that the health and beauty sector increased 12.9 percent while their actual visits went down by 2.9 percent. The study primarily focused on the differences between paid versus organic search when it comes to things like...

  4. GEICO Hump Day Commercial Dominates Social Video, At Least on Wednesdays

    For the first time ever, three ads launched within the same month made it on to the top 20 most shared ads chart of all time – Dove’s "Real Beauty Sketches", Evian’s "Baby s "Ship My Pants". CPG/FMCG’s performance in Q2 was fuelled by two ads, Dove...