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  1. The NFL & Fantasy Football: A Match Made in Search Heaven

    Bears, Giants, Raiders). Prior to the advent of the Internet, managing a fantasy football league was a cumbersome activity to say the least, requiring participants to peruse newspaper box scores and manually tabulate each team’s score.

  2. NHLPA Starts SEO From Scratch To Up Its Game on Google

    A quick search using Google Insights for Search bears out our instincts. Most likely, it would be team names. Both team names that Saku Koivu has played for are being used as a query modifier. With the new page title structure, a wider net is cast...

  3. Facebook, YouTube and Twitter at SES New York! Oh, my!

    Isn't this a natural as finding lions, and tigers, and bears in the forest? Watch the video below and count the number of passes the team in white makes. According to comScore qSearch 2.0, there were 2.7 billion expanded search queries conducted on...

  4. The Year in Search: A 2007 Review

    Chicago Bears Top Sports Team Searches Recaps from Google, Yahoo, AOL, Ask, and Lycos highlight the trends that came and went over the course of 2007. Top Google Searches, 2007 Fastest Rising (Global)

  5. Google Loses Tabs In New Look, Gains Web Alerts & Personalized Search Results

    It is clear that no matter how the omission happened, Google itself ultimately bears the blame for what is published on its own web site. Norvig said the Google engineering team will be exploring ways around the issue, as well as ways to advance...