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Bbc Uk Election 2010

  1. UK Election 2010: Lessons Learned from Watching First Social Media Battle of Britain

    I started my coverage of UK Election 2010 by quoting part of Winston Churchill's famous speech, "We shall fight them on the beaches. The "air campaign" in UK Election 2010 was fought during the three leaders' debates, each in primetime.

  2. UK Online Video Viewing Up 37 Percent During Past Year‏

    And all this was before the UK election 2010 got underway in April. BBC Sites ranked second with 140 million videos viewed on its sites followed by with 53 million videos. BBC Sites (up 143 percent), ITV sites (up 134 percent) and Sky...

  3. UK Election 2010: 'Least Well-Kept Secret of Recent Years'

    According to BBC News, Prime Minister Gordon Brown has confirmed that UK Election 2010 will be held on May 6, 2010. Many people are focused on the UK election polls. The UK General Election campaign has officially begun.