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  1. Interactive 4th of July 2013 Google Doodle Takes You on a Road Trip Across America

    Featuring a family of animated dogs, clicking through the Doodle will take you through a series of 13 fun road trip style photos featuring the animated family in various U.S.locations – such as at Mount Rushmore, a baseball stadium, stopping for...

  2. Seize The Data: 5 Ways To Leverage Big Data for Social Media & Search

    The 2011 movie "Moneyball" starring Brad Pitt, tells the story of how Oakland A's manager Billy Beane shuns the mainstream methods to scout and fill a major league baseball team roster, and instead uses data to an algorithm called sabermetrics to...

  3. Average American Viewer Watched Over 200 Videos for Almost 22.3 Hours in July 2012

    And the top ranked program on network TV in July 2012, The Baseball All-Star Game on Fox, drew 10.9 million viewers. There are several important trends hidden in plain sight in the U.S. Online Video Rankings for July 2012, which comScore Media...

  4. New York Times to Sell Google to Blame?

    It should be noted, though, that in addition to selling, the New York Times also recently sold its shares in the Fenway Sports Group, who are the owners of the Liverpool soccer club and the Boston Red Sox baseball team.

  5. Bing Linked Pages Simpler than Google+ Author Markup

    For example, SEW's associate editor, Danny Goodwin is harder to find in general as he shares the same name as a famous baseball player (whom he often gets mistaken for in flame wars with Trolls). On first glance Linked Pages sounds like Bing's...

  6. Bing: Deals, Video Home Page, New Conduit Deal

    Among Conduit’s clients: Major League Baseball, Time Warner Cable, Univision, Chelsea Football Club, Fox News, iVillage, Groupon, and Travelocity. Bing now offers a more visual discount deal search experience with Bing Deals.

  7. Searcher Demographics – We Are What We Search

    But baseball fans are baseball fans, and will have common demographics regardless of the team they support. We’re all defined by what we like, what we don’t like, what we buy, and what we don’t buy. Although we’re all amazing and unique individuals...