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  1. Is Google’s Knowledge Vault Smarter Than Siri and Cortana?

    But based on this knowledge base test, Google is in lead in terms of the volume of queries addressed, and is more accurate than Siri and Cortana. In a head-to-head battle between Google Now, Apple's Siri and Bing's Cortana, Google wins hands down...

  2. Mobile Site Migration Planning: Rolling Your M-Dot Into Your .Com

    Making this decision will help you consolidate SEO authority, create a streamlined experience, reduce resources, and scale updates across all device types from a central code base. Mobile-First Mentality Adoption Continues On

  3. Top 10 Skills That Separate Real UX Designers from Wannabes

    Experienced UXers describe personas in terms of cognitive and behavioral specifics, such as motivations, desired outcomes, and knowledge base, all which influence designs. UX design was largely unappreciated for many years, but the rash of recent...