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Barrel Roll

  1. Google 'Let’s Go Caroling' Easter Egg Turns Your Smartphone Into a Holiday Karaoke Machine

    Google has a long history of doing hidden surprises in their search results, such as [do a barrel roll], which produce "Star Fox" inspired results. Google has created a very festive Easter egg for smartphone users.

  2. Google in 1998: New Easter Egg Takes You Back in Time

    Other things you could do would ask Google [do a barrel roll] to which it would reply not with an answer, but with your screen spinning round and round. To celebrate its 15th birthday, Google decided to share a neat Easter egg showing how Google...

  3. “Let It Snow” Google Easter Egg Blankets Search Results in Snow

    Another Google Easter egg, “do a barrel roll”, became quite popular earlier this year, completely rotating Google’s search results. If the weather outside today is more “delightful” than “frightful” where you live and you’re wishing for some snow...