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  1. Scamworld? How The Verge Wrongly Smeared All Internet Marketers

    The Verge may wish to consider removing the banner ads from site sponsors from above and throughout the article, as well – they were placed there by (ugh) Internet Marketers. They have to believe that when promised something in exchange for their...

  2. The Decision-Making Funnel, Stage 1: Awareness

    Banner ads in particular are known for using bright, dramatic colors and provocative headlines. Banner Ads Many banner ads include animation and flashing colors to get noticed. A single banner ad can radically shift the attention away from your...

  3. We're All Convertibles, And It's Time to Take the Top Down!

    There are all sorts of doom-and-gloom stories about banner advertising and the demise of the CPM model lately. It doesn't matter how the exchange process works, so long as it works. I've even heard comments that the CPC model may be shaky, and that...

  4. The Ghosts of SEO Past and Future

    This month, we celebrate the 14th anniversary of banner ads being sold in commercial volume. I was fortunate enough to work for the company that launched the first "true" commercial banner offering on a mass scale (HotWired; Wired/Digital which was...

  5. Highlights from the SEW Blog: March 24-28, 2008

    SEW Experts: Non-Text Contextual Ads: Quality Score and Bidding StrategyRunning banner ad campaigns on Google's content networks requires different thinking than text ad campaigns -- thinking that's surprisingly counter-intuitive.