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  1.'s Top Question of 2013: What is the Royal Baby’s Name?

    This year, aside from the Royal Baby's name, people were asking about stories including the Boston Marathon bombing, George Zimmerman's trial, and Detroit's bankruptcy. Detroit Bankruptcy. George Alexander Louis sure was popular this year.

  2. How to Build Your First Content Marketing Strategy

    Maybe they're looking for a divorce attorney, or a bankruptcy specialist. Suddenly, everything became clear when Bill laid it all out for me: 'Marie, my brick and mortar business is on the verge of bankruptcy and something's got to give.

  3. Yelp Sues Law Firm Over Supposedly Writing Fake Reviews

    In late August Yelp filed a lawsuit against McMillan Law Group, a bankruptcy and foreclosure defense law firm founded by attorney Julian McMillan. Review site Yelp is no stranger to the court system; it has been sued many times by disgruntled small...

  4. Google Doodle Honors Social Work Pioneer Jane Addams and Hull House in Chicago

    It was announced on January 19, 2012 that Hull House would be closing in the spring of that year and filing for bankruptcy. A Google Doodle today celebrates one of the pioneering United States social workers, Jane Addams.

  5.’s Top Question of 2012: Will Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Get Back Together?

    Greece bankruptcy. That was the top trending question of 2012 from Spoiler alert: apparently, yes. At least for now. The big question now: is KStew pregnant with the spawn of RPatz? Will they name their unborn and potentially immortal...

  6. Google Reviews Japanese Court Order Demanding Removal of Autocomplete Terms

    This can lead to irretrievable damage, such as job loss or bankruptcy, just by displaying search results that constitute defamation or violation of the privacy of an individual person or small and medium-size companies," Tomita said.

  7. Top Bing Searches in 2011: Bieber, Kardashian & Royal Wedding

    More Top Searches: Suri Cruise, Rebecca Black, the YMCA, Bankruptcy Not surprisingly, “bankruptcy” and “selling a home” were the most searched economic terms of 2011. In that sense, Bing’s top searches lists do serve as a sort of barometer of the...

  8. Court: Google Image Search Didn’t ‘Irreparably Harm’ Perfect 10’s Porn Business

    Adult website and magazine Perfect 10 has failed to prove to a federal appeals court that Google nearly drove it to bankruptcy by indexing and showing thumbnail images of Perfect 10’s nude female models in Google Image search results for free.

  9. What Role Should the Government Play in Our (Searching) Lives?

    The first six are military recruiting related (noteworthy for the military's efforts in adopting an online paid strategy), but the seventh most popular paid search phrase driving traffic is "Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.