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  1. Google Palestine: Is Google Taking Sides?

    Google Maps currently shows little or no detail for major Palestinian towns such as Nablus and Ramallah, while many Jewish West Bank settlements have streets and parks clearly labeled. In a statement, Google explained its decision:

  2. Google Buys Coupon Platform Incentive Targeting, Which Owns Targeted Search Patent

    Some other exemplary applications of the techniques described herein can include, identifying website/e-commerce users by their behavior, identifying possible criminals or terrorists based on specific behaviors from a database of activities...

  3. SEMPO Tells Government: Don't Censor Search Engines

    We view the Internet as being much more like the press than it is like a factory for widgets or even something that deals with intangibles, such as a bank. FTC's antitrust probe into Google, the search marketing organization SEMPO issues a...

  4. How Much Will Google Bank On U.S. Real Estate Market Recovery?

    Bill Tancer, general manager of global research, Experian Hitwise corroborated these thoughts in today's press release statement "Search volume of terms related to an economic indicator can help us predict future market trends and movement.

  5. ABC News Nightline Story Looks at NACA's Save the Dream Tour

    It's worth noting that Marks is a self-proclaimed "bank terrorist," according to a recent interview in The Boston Globe entitled, "Taking bank chiefs to task to save homes. Marks explained, "Bank terrorism is a nonviolent way we personalize the...

  6. Baidu's Profit Increases 91% in Third Quarter 2008

    Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Baidu does not undertake any obligation to update any forward-looking statement, except as required under applicable law. A number of factors could cause actual results to differ materially from those contained in...