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  1. Here Come the Social Network Ads, Part II: The Local Angle

    The new ad platform could create a channel for these businesses to more meaningfully market themselves on MySpace, similar to the way artists and bands have historically done. To follow up on Kevin Newcomb's post earlier this week, there are some...

  2. A Visual Search Engine for Music

    Enter the name of a musician, and you'll see a collection of colored balls featuring musician names or bands as search results. Some maps, particularly for popular musicians or bands, can be quite extensive, spreading beyond a single screen.

  3. Is The Lycos MP3 Index Legal?

    There are folks up there who have cover bands, who use a name that draw attention to their new music. On the other hand, MP3 is growing as a format even among major artists. When you are talking about major artists and major acts, you should be...