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Banana Republic

  1. Mobile Coupons -- Don't be that Guy

    Customer A is a regular shopper at Banana Republic. And you know that Customer A is in Dallas, Texas near a shopping center that has a Banana Republic store. While some say life is made up of moments, lately it feels like life is made up of...

  2. Get Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Your Honey and Save Some Money at Bing

    Clothing - Gap is offering 20% cashback on their brands, including Old Navy and Banana Republic. Bing is helping you stay out of the doghouse on February 14. Valentine's Day is 11 days away and if you're stumped as what to get your sweetie, you...

  3. The Year in Search: A 2007 Review

    Banana Republic A handful of search engines compiled the top searches for the year in several categories. Recaps from Google, Yahoo, AOL, Ask, and Lycos highlight the trends that came and went over the course of 2007.