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Ball Corporation

  1. Google Takes 'Top Global Brand' Title from Apple [Study]

    In that category, AXA, Ball Corporation, and FedEx took the top three spots, respectively; Google, Amazon and Microsoft didn't make the top 10. Buzz over new and improved products has helped Google surpass Apple in Impact Media Value, making it the...

  2. Is TechCrunch Calling For Search Regulations or Running Test of Social Media, Link Building?

    Asking for someone to come in and regulate it now is like wanting to take your ball back because you are not getting everyone to pass it to you during a game. Google is a multinational conglomerate -- a huge corporation that operates in every...

  3. Top ten stories from SES New York – Day 4

    Yahoo Wants Sites to Play Ball on Semantic Web John Battelle, Founder/Chairman/CEO, Federated Media, is interviewed by Pauline Ores, SES Advisory Board and Senior Marketing Manager, Social Media Engagement, General Business, IBM Corporation.