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Balance Sheet

  1. SES San Francisco Keynote: Google's Matt Cutts & Patrick Thomas on Search Engine Censorship

    In Google's case, they have a cheat sheet of sorts, where they aim to ensure the results are as comprehensive as possible, removals are kept to a minimum, they rely on algorithms over manual action, they help users avoid identity theft, and they...

  2. How to Introduce a Politics-Free Prioritization Model for Analytics Reporting

    Think of this as your resource management cheat sheet. On the flipside, you can also use efficiency indicators to assess leaders and laggards on your team and either balance the workload or look for coaching opportunities.

  3. Releases 4th Quarter 2008 Earnings

    Despite a challenging economy, we are well positioned and have a balance sheet that will allow us to take advantage of strategic opportunities throughout the year. has released its fourth quarter 2008 earnings.

  4. Yahoo Q3 2008 Earnings: It Ain't Pretty

    We have the balance sheet strength, liquidity, and free cash flow we need to continue to make progress on our core strategies as we address this slowdown. I'm not really sure how much the economy can really be blamed for how dismal the news was.

  5. Analyzing Search Engines as Invesments

    We want growth, profitability, and a strong balance sheet," he said. Search has become increasingly popular, but do the common stocks of search engines make a good investment? High-tech investment analysts share a glimpse of the techniques they see...