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  1. Android's Google Play Store Turns 1

    Since the best parties are the ones that send you home with a present, today we celebrate our birthday with a festive goodie bag full of gifts. Google Play is celebrating its first birthday today, and is doing so by giving away free and cheap...

  2. Gangnam Style, Royal Wedding, Olympics Top Google UK 2012 Searches

    Google has released its overview of what people in the UK concerned themselves with during the past year, and naturally it is a mixed bag. The top searches of the year were for football competition, Euro 2012, the late singer Whitney Houston...

  3. Semantic Search in 2025

    It leaves us holding the bag. Given the technical level of the audience, his presentation was, for the most part, met with excited nods. The Web Berners-Lee described was a far cry from the library-style repository of the Web at that time, but the...

  4. Spotify: The Definitive Music Search Engine Guide

    The releases are identified by the rights that Spotify has to reissues and seem to be even more of a mixed bag than the Genre search (above). July 14 was the official U.S.launch date of the long anticipated streaming music service, Spotify.