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  1. Blog SEO Quiz – Test Your Blog Optimization Knowledge

    But Search Engine Watch readers, don't fall for this misconception. SEO means optimizing for people who use search engines. The people who build blog templates might generate URLs (web addresses) that search engines can crawl.

  2. The Bitter Harvest: The Redzone Saga Continues (Linden Lab Has a Problem on Its Hands)

    The repercussions of that ought to be fun to watch. The RedZone system will still ban alts of people on your ban list, as well as alts of Copybots. Finally, I had no idea when I wrote it how far it would travel or how many people would read it.

  3. The Revolution Will Be Streamed -- Operation Payback: Protest or War?

    I can sit in the IRC and watch the hacktivists at work, taking down site after site. Pew-pew down goes the Swiss Government, then the Swiss Prosecutor, then Lieberman and more pew-pew it is MasterCard, Visa and now as I write this I watch as down...

  4. Build Your SEM Network -- Get LinkedIn

    For instance, I searched for "SEO" and found about 241 groups, including one for Search Engine Watch, one for Search Engine Watch Forums, and one for Search Engine Strategies Conference & Expo. People tend to consider self-preservation in a bad...

  5. SearchDay: Do Social Networks Bring Out the Animal in Us?

    Search Engine Watch Experts Columns News from the Search Engine Watch Blog Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions Yahoo Nominates Current Board but Postpones Shareholder MeetingPosted by Nathania JohnsonYahoo has nominated 9 of the 10 current board...

  6. American Express Advises Clients to Avoid SEO

    Interesting that an American Express Web site was the subject of a Search Engine Watch Experts site clinic last month. Too bad (according to their public affairs contact) they believe SEO is a matter of "opinion.