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Back Up Bmw

  1. 9 Reasons Why it Might Be Time For Marketers to Value Virtual Goods

    The model proved so successful that advertisers were quick to seize the opportunity and team up with gaming companies to deliver branded game enhancements, such as a branded Mini or BMW for go-kart for the massive multiplayer mario-kart clone Kart...

  2. Who Owns the Brand?

    One of the tactics for building site traffic for Lexus included buying competing product names like "BMW. Shockingly, BMW didn't sue Lexus (it would be hard to assess damages) and the trademark/search engine soap opera continues.

  3. Social Media: One Size Does NOT Fit All

    One of the first major viral marketing efforts online was the BMW Short Film series. BMW stepped up to the line and had eight directors do short films featuring the BMW – directors like John Woo and Guy Ritchie got involved.

  4. News Search Analysis: SES San Jose

    In-car Google Local Search with BMW ConnectedDrive, Google Lat Long Blog B2B Engagement Matters: Seven Ways to Keep 'Em Coming Back for More, Search Engine Land How do I know that Google's universal search effort and Google's VP of search products...