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  1. Google AdWords Keyword Planner vs. Keyword Tool: SEO & PPC Feature Comparison

    It is possible to combine two or three keyword lists but the combination is strictly one-directional (A and B = AB, not: AB and BA). Google's AdWords Keyword Tool enables online marketers to quickly retrieve an overview of the relevancy of single...

  2. Where Search and Social Media Collide: Real-Time Search and Twitter

    Norm holds a BA from Franklin & Marshall College and an MBA from Fordham University. Google has thrown its hat in the ring with Buzz. Multiple search engines are incorporating tweets and Facebook status updates into search results.

  3. SEO Performance Marketing: Paid Search is Accountable So Why Not SEO?

    Norm holds a BA from Franklin & Marshall College and an MBA from Fordham University. Who's to blame for your company's marketing failures? And who gets credit for its marketing successes? The answer should be SEO, along with PPC and every other...

  4. David Meerman Scott on The New Rules of Marketing and PR

    Norm holds a BA from Franklin & Marshall College and an MBA from Fordham University. The rest is history.and the present and the future. Marketers have many new tools to reach consumers, from web sites to blogs and social media to videos and podcasts.

  5. Nice to meet you Chandler Bing 'BING!', Great apartment Chandler Bing 'BING!'

    Ba da bing ba da boom is a phrase that, according to Urban Dictionary, means something that is done quickly and easily. It seems like every time we talk he wants to say my name, so that when he gets to my last name he can exaggerate the bing.

  6. Life after SERP: A/B Split and Multivariate Testing

    If there are two variables with two states, again A or B, then there are four outcomes: AA, AB, BA, and BB, which is 2 to the 2nd power. Only a small percentage of Web site owners invest in this effort, yet there are few things that offer a bigger...

  7. Yahoo Search Takes To The Air With Connexion By Boeing Wi-Fi Partnership

    Company (NYSE: BA), today announced they have entered into a multi-year, web and sponsored search distribution agreement. News comes from Yahoo that they have partnered with Boeing to be the "exclusive search engine" for the

  8. Search Engine Forums Spotlight

    There's still no BA in search marketing. The Ones That Don't Come Back High Rankings Forum I just can't take on a client that doesn't know what they are doing or has a terrible model. I want them to succeed and if I can't see a way to help them...

  9. Search Engine Contextual Ads Gain Momentum

    Overture Contextual Ads Information A special report from the Search Engine Strategies 2003 Conference, August 18-21, San Jose, California.