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  1. Audrey Hepburn Google Doodle Celebrates Actress, Philanthropist

    The British actress won the Best Actress Oscar award at the 26th Academy Awards in 1954 for Roman Holiday. Hepburn is one of only 12 individuals who have won all four major entertainment awards, known as an EGOT, by winning Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and...

  2. 2012 Oscar Predictions From Google & Yahoo

    Who will take home the Oscar at the 84th Annual Academy Awards tonight? Well, Google looked back at search trends leading up to the two previous Academy Awards shows and discovered that it wasn’t the most searched for film that won the Oscar...

  3. Oscar 2011 Predictions: Can Search Trends Tell Us Who Will Win?

    For the past few years, speculation about Oscar winners and search trends have grown. This year, Google created an entire Oscar Search Trends Web site to help people track the would-be winners. Last year, Google noted all the hot search trends that...

  4. And the Link Love Award Winner is...You

    I love Oscar, Webby, ADDY, and any other award friend I can get my hands on. I love awards. I was browsing around Search Engine Watch, as I'm apt to do, and what to my wondering eyes did appear but the SES Awards Finalists have been announced!