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Average Cost Placement Performance

  1. Relevant, Actionable & Timely PPC Feedback: Better Decisions, Better Results

    The systems in the two types of houses were identical except for the placement of the energy consumption feedback mechanism. I can’t tell you that click-through rate (CTR) or cost per conversion or profit per click is the most important number to...

  2. Search Engine Marketing Articles

    Whether you're optimizing web pages for top rankings or purchasing paid placement links, it's crucial to measure the performance of your efforts. PR is a different creature from advertising, just as SEO and paid placement are different.

  3. The Search Engine Report, August 2, 2001, Number 57

    Short, concise overview of getting started with paid placement search engines. As a result, it wasn't a resource I'd typically recommend as a first stop for average web searchers. It also had generally poor spam filtering and fairly average...