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  1. Delving Into the Auction Insights Report

    Now we can see how performance has changed over time without having to download multiple reports with different date ranges. The new segments becoming available allow us to get more granular date and make better informed decisions.

  2. Optimizing Search and Digital Marketing With Multi-Channel Attribution Modeling [#CZLSF]

    In the example that was provided, a simple copy change that leverages the word "download" – which reinforces a "tangible" resource that will always be accessible – helped drive 47 percent gains in the related lead form submission rate.

  3. Why You Need to Own Your Data & Digital Assets

    Bad news: You may have to do a little research, as the platforms occasionally modify how to successfully export or download of connections made on their platform(s). Truth is, many (far too many) businesses do not fully appreciate the wealth of...

  4. Reverse Engineer Sociology & Influencer Understanding for Outreach Success

    Click it to download your own copy. While the platform looks like another social analytics platform, it actually started life as an RSS dashboard and that functionality is still available. Reaching out to influencers is an incredibly time consuming...