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Auto Yahoo Api

  1. Is There Room for Another Free Analytics Tool?

    While Google certainly provides the standards in terms of essential analytics (specifically for paid search it can be auto-tagged to pull in your AdWords campaign data) they do not support other engine APIs to pull in the data automatically.

  2. Daily SearchCast, August 17, 2006: Hot Search Blogs; GoogleTalk Gets New Features; Filing Time For Yahoo Click Fraud Settlement; Beaming Up Google Engineers & More!

    When you visit a site with Google AdSense ads, you would hardly expect the ads to trigger an auto-install prompt window to download various third party applications such as Flash, Quicktime and Adobe Acrobat.

  3. Google Desktop Search 2 Offers New Sidebar Widgets, Outlook Integration & More

    If you want an auto-update, it's likely you'll have to wait until the program leaves beta. Google Sidebar API Google is also opening up the sidebar to developers with an API. The changes will likely have folks at Microsoft and Yahoo nervous but...

  4. The Search Engine Update - Number 162 - Dec. 2, 2003

    Overture's new Marketing Console is a performance marketing tool, while Google's Auto-Optimization feature automatically optimizes advertiser campaigns. Claims to be the only product like this that meets Google's terms of use, since it makes use of...