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  1. Google Celebrates 100,000th Knol

    A few weeks ago, Google Knol received its 100,000th entry. Google Knol launched as a Wikipedia-esque knowledge sharing product last summer. In October, Google integrated Custom Search with Knol. Knol has grown quickly and the interface is now...

  2. SearchDay: Search Engine Optimization: Back to Basics

    The site shows YouTube-less, Knol-less, and Blogger-less results. AdGooroo Founder Authors Search Advertising Book Posted by Nathania Johnson Aug 19, 2008 Richard Stokes, the founder of search marketing firm AdGooroo, has announced the publication...

  3. Knol Is Googlepedia

    Every knol will have an identified author (or group of authors). With Knol, we are introducing a new method for authors to work together that we call "moderated collaboration. Knol is knowledge without the W(ikipedia) and an edge.