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  1. Doodle 4 Google 2014 Contest has Begun

    Mary Pope Osborne, former president of the Authors Guild and award-winning author "If I could invent one thing to make the world a better place. This is the thought occupying many young minds right now.

  2. Google Wins Book Lawsuit: Judge Rules Digitization Service 'Fair Use'

    The case, brought against Google by The Authors Guild, has been running since 2005 and has taken many twists and turns along the way. The Authors Guild said it would appeal the decision: "We disagree with and are disappointed by the court's...

  3. Google Books Makes a Deal with France's Top Publisher

    Google has been unable to win such deals with U.S.publishers, and is currently involved in litigation with the Association of American Publishers and the Authors Guild. Part of the reason is that Google is unwilling to give U.S.publishers the same...

  4. Google Book Settlement Raises Eyebrows in Europe

    The deal that Google made with the Authors Guild and the Association of American Publishers (AAP) includes European authors who have been published in the States. As a result, the EU is commissioning a study on the affects of the settlement on...

  5. SearchDay | Small Business Site Architecture

    Google Reaches Agreement with Authors, Publishers for Book Search Posted by Nathania Johnson Oct 28, 2008 Google has reached an agreement with the Authors Guild and the Association of American Publishers (AAP), which represented a broad class of...

  6. Daily SearchCast, June 6, 2006: Yahoo MyWeb Gets New Look, More Features; Google Spreadsheets Want Your Tabular Data; The ODP Rigs The Alaskan Governor Election On Google; Baidu's Kickin' Commercial

    Guild) covers the two other suits that I know of, which we've blogged about before. Association of American Publishers Sues Google over Library Digitization Plan and Google's Library Scanning Project Heads to Court (action by the Authors

  7. Google Print Debate at NY Public Library

    Nick Taylor, The Authors Guild This should be interesting: The NYPL and WIRED Magazine present a discussion about the competing interests and issues raised by the Google Print Library Project, and whether a universal digital repository of our...