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  1. Google, Bing Launch TV Commercials For Holidays

    Bing’s animated shorts were produced by Bent Image Labs and will appear during “South Park Christmas,” “Santa Claus is Coming to Town,” and other holiday specials this season. Both companies recently received accolades for their 2011 Web TV...

  2. SearchDay | Do You Track Searcharoundings?

    Target of Malicious SEO Campaign Posted by Nathania Johnson Apr 16, 2009 Panda Labs has discovered over 1 million links with Ford-related anchor text that lead to malware dressed up as anti-virus applications.

  3. Google Maps Adds Comprehensive NYC Transit Directions

    Google Labs Quietly Releases Transit Trip Travel Planner for Portland, Oregon The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Riding the subway, hopping the ferry, and catching the train just got easier in the New York City metropolitan area.

  4. Behind the Scenes at Yahoo Labs, Part 2

    Many of the key people in product search live within a business unit, but are also affiliates of Yahoo Research Labs. An expert would be able to tell you even more implied facts: "the article may be out-dated by now," "the author is considered an...