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  1. SEO Website Audits: Everything You Need to Know Part II

    The question is, does the auditor write most of the analysis for you or does the tool? A report without a review from an informed auditor is worse than no audit at all. The term website SEO audit is a very general one that means anything that the...

  2. Facebook-Datalogix Partnership to Track Offline Purchases by 100 Million+ Households

    Apparently Facebook also sent in a privacy and security auditor to assess this issue, and was satisfied with the results. Facebook has announced a new partnership with market analytics firm Datalogix, designed to measure how often Facebook's 1...

  3. Bermuda to emphasise regulatory strengths in bid to gain more hedge fund business

    Bermuda-based funds are also required to appoint an independent auditor and custodian and must have an administrator that is licensed or recognised by the BMA.The standard funds classification applies to investment products targeted predominantly...

  4. FSA pans auditors and seeks more regulatory power

    Most auditors had done decent jobs, the regulator wrote, but it reiterated that "it is the auditor's responsibility to challenge management when it believes the disclosures are inappropriate". The UK Financial Services Authority outlined plans to...

  5. Increased responsibility of auditors expected in future

    Auditor liability has been an increasing concern for the auditing profession for a considerable number of years, they note. A number of jurisdictions in recent years have introduced measures aimed at reforming their auditor liability regimes and...

  6. Madoff continues to influence industry

    The risk manager who first alerted the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to the alleged Madoff fraud in 1999 to no avail ran a similar strategy and could not match the returns or see any legitimate way Madoff could.The importance of the...

  7. Accounting Round Table

    Auditor selectionReputation and independence are key characteristics in choosing an auditor Download of Accounting Round Table Importance of the auditorThe quality and usefulness of audits for funds is now seen as paramount

  8. Need for audit seen as essential

    Perhaps, suggests Mizzi and Pace, the fact that in general most of a fund’s functions are subcontracted to a number of service organisations while the underlying assets are often the more complex and volatile products means that auditing is...

  9. Reputation and independence key to auditor selection

    This process, often seen as simply routine, has been shown to be essential to the smooth operation of a fund and to providing investors, regulators and the fund itself with an accurate assessment of the fund’s real standing.The quality and...

  10. Tamalpais Global Partners Master Fund: Tamalpais Asset Management

    Auditor: Ernst & Young Tamalpais Asset Management (TAM) is having a good year. Its flagship Tamalpais Global Partners Fund is up over 30% year to date. This is attracting considerable interest from institutional investors.

  11. Martin Currie Absolute Return Fund - Japan Fund: Martin Currie Investment Management

    Auditor: Ernst & Young Disappointment seems to be the word most used when describing Japan. Numerous promises of economic change ended with little or nothing changed. Now, however, there is an air of optimism and a solid conviction that this time...

  12. BVI auditors braced for increased closures

    The restructuring proposals devised by hedge funds and their legal advisors must be approved by the auditor before they can be implemented.We check the proposal to ensure it complies with the law in the BVI and the constitutional documents of the...

  13. Changing Hats

    Cottrell joins from auditor and risk consultancy KPMG where he served as risk director. Changing Hats Mary Shapiro & Christopher Cox Christopher Cox, chairman of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has resigned - effective of January 20.

  14. Profile: Conrad Hewitt

    Auditor, US Strategic Air Command. Now, as the Securities and Exchange Commission's chief accountant, Conrad Hewitt, prepares to step down this month, the spotlight has returned. As US banks report ever-growing mark-to-market losses on their...

  15. SearchDay | I'm a PC, What Are You?

    Who Audits the Auditor? Today's Top Story: KevinRyan I'm a PC, What Are You? SEARCHING FOR MEANING Apple is trying to connect with the rest of the world (beyond college students dominating the Mac audience) via great ad campaigns.

  16. SearchDay | Who Audits the Auditor?

    Who Audits the Auditor? Today's Top Story: MarkJackson AU NATURAL There are some individuals and companies who will provide SEO audits. But some of these folks look at this as an opportunity for them to earn new business or referral checks.