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  1. Is One-Stop Media Buying a Failed Model?

    What's going to happen with Google audio ads? Disclosures: Kevin Ryan owns four shares of Google stock and 18 shares of Yahoo stock. For better or worse, Yahoo had the right idea in keeping the Right Media brand alive.

  2. Yahoo Q3 2008 Earnings: It Ain't Pretty

    An audio replay of the call will be available for one week following the conference call by calling (888) 286-8010 or (617) 801-6888, reservation number: 99117465. Yahoo had its third quarter earnings call yesterday and the news wasn't pretty.

  3. SearchDay | Launch Google Freedom Now

    Google Releases Audio Indexing into Google Labs Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 17, 2008 In July, Google launched an iGoogle gadget that enables video speech search for select election videos. Google Goes on the Defensive About Yahoo Ad Deal Cost...

  4. Yahoo Google Deal: Yahoo Adds AdWords Search Deal

    An audio replay of the call will be available following the conference call by calling 888-286-8010 (reservation number 84138579). the ability to display paid search results from Google, other third parties, and Yahoo!

  5. Creating a Link Building System

    Consider making the news piece in print, audio, and video. Use Yahoo Site Explorer Spend time reviewing the requirements of sites such as Yahoo, DMOZ,, and Best of the Web. Last week, I moderated the Beyond Linkbait: Getting...

  6. The Inside Track on Priceline and Google

    While many CMOs are only starting to ask their VP or director of marketing how search works, Priceline has already started testing Google audio ads and Google TV ads. Online travel is a 24/7 real-time auction - and the forerunner of Google's paid...

  7. Inside AdWords and Contextual Advertising: The Tipping Point

    Advertisers have access to low-cost resources for producing audio and TV ads. Advertisers can place ads in print (newspapers), audio (radio) and video (TV). For example, Google supplies audio advertisers with a free bank of toll-free phone numbers...