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  1. The Social CEO: 6 Reasons Why the CEO Must Lead the Way

    However, audiences are human and much more likely to forgive errors or offenses when some good will has been established in the context of availability. Social Media Offers Unprecedented Access to Audiences

  2. SearchDay | Users and Search Engines Want the Same Things

    While those are two very different things, you can often serve both audiences by being smart with your Web site development. Greg Coleman Named President of AOL's Platform-A Posted by Nathania Johnson Feb 3, 2009 AOL has named Greg Coleman as...

  3. SearchDay | President 2.0

    His appeal to younger audiences, and need to get exposure in a primary race against an established opponent led Obama to develop his online strategy. AOL Presents the Platform-A Tour Posted by Nathania Johnson Nov 17, 2008 AOL's ad network...

  4. The Universal Mastery of Video Content

    These videos have already established audiences that may be receptive to your video. Social sites such as Digg and StumbleUpon present excellent opportunities for video promotion if one is savvy of the social audiences.

  5. SearchDay: Awesome Ad Groups: Small is Good

    Through the partnership, local advertisers will be able to target audiences with specific information about events and promotions. AOL Sheds Tacoda, Launches Third-Party Mobile Ads, Buys SocialThing Posted by Nathania Johnson Aug 4, 2008 AOL has...