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  1. Google Moderator on YouTube Enables Real-Time Feedback from Your Audience

    Image by SESConferenceSeries via Flickr The platform operates in real-time, and you can remove any content that you or your audience flag as inappropriate. Next, watch as submissions get voted up or down by your audience, and then respond to the...

  2. More Than 174 Million U.S. Internet Users Watched 28.1 Billion Videos Online in February

    Image by SESConferenceSeries via Flickr That's not only the biggest audience to date for the Super Bowl, but the biggest audience for a televised event in the U.S.ever -- knocking off the finale of "MASH" on CBS, which averaged almost 106 million...

  3. The Telegraph Integrates SEO into Editorial Process, Boosting Online Readership

    Image by SESConferenceSeries via Flickr Julian Sambles, Head of Audience Development at the Telegraph, is a SEO and digital marketing specialist. He is currently heading up the Audience Development department that was set up in July 2007 as part of...

  4. Microsoft Bing and Other Top Stories from SES New York 2010 Day 3

    Image by SESConferenceSeries via Flickr The top story on Day 3 of SES New York 2010 was the morning keynote by Yusuf Mehdi, Senior Vice President of the Online Audience Business for Bing. Check out the story by Sharon Pian Chan in the Seattle Times...

  5. Super Bowl 2010 commercials featured (again) on YouTube AdBlitz

    Image by SESConferenceSeries via Flickr So, comparing YouTube's monthly audience with the Super Bowl's daily audience is comparing apples to oranges. Now, YouTube doesn't attract an audience of 128.1 million viewers each and every day.

  6. 170 million Americans watched 30 billion online videos in November

    Image by SESConferenceSeries via Flickr Internet audience viewed online video that month, a new record. So, YouTube alone will get you a Super Bowl sized audience month in and month out. According to comScore Video Metrix, more than 170 million U.S.

  7. Q&A with Marc Poirier, Co-Founder and CMO of Acquisio

    The selection was made entirely by using an algorithm that analyzed 958 photos in the SESConferenceSeries' photostream to find the most relevant result for the term, "Marc Poirier. Question #1: Can you explain to our audience what is the driving...