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  1. Goodbye, Video Responses: YouTube Giveth and YouTube Taketh Away

    However, with more than 1 billion unique users visiting YouTube each month and with over 6 billion hours of video getting watched each month on YouTube, this change is still something that more commentators ought to be commenting about.

  2. Facebook’s Graph Search: the Ultimate Personalized Discovery Engine?

    Media and Entertainment Search – Finding TV shows, movies, music, and games liked, watched, your friends Creation of premium audience segments for targeting across the network via the FBX. Facebook’s announced plan is to roll it out...

  3. comScore: Online Video Content Reaches Record 188 Million U.S. Viewers

    Internet users watched online content videos that month. Internet users watched 37.7 billion online content videos in August 2012. Internet audience viewed online video. Google sites ranked first with more than 1.7 billion ads, followed by...

  4. Hulu Buries YouTube With 4x More Ad Views – Are Advertisers Afraid of YouTube?

    Internet users watched online video content in August 2011 for an average of 18 hours per viewer. Internet audience viewed online video that month. Tremor Video ranked second overall (and highest among video ad exchanges/networks) with 764 million...