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Audience Advertising Network Driven Primarily

  1. AdWords for Video Makes Reporting More Consistent, Goal-Oriented & Prettier

    Want to grow your audience? Select the Audience objective to understand how your video ads drove people to watch and engage with more of your content. However, the BrightRoll Video Network was right behind with 1.8 billion video ads viewed...

  2. AOL Puts Entire Original Video Library on 22 Monetized YouTube Channels

    So, the news that AOL is bringing its video library to a whole new audience of viewers on YouTube is a major milestone in the online video industry. Ran Harnevo, who leads The AOL On Network, made a surprise announcement on the AOL Blog at the...

  3. Average Viewer Watched 23.2 Hours of Online Video Content in December

    It means that video advertising on YouTube with close to 157.2 million unique viewers or on VEVO with 53.7 million unique viewers can reach an audience that’s significantly larger than, say, Hulu with 31.2 million unique viewers.

  4. Hulu Buries YouTube With 4x More Ad Views – Are Advertisers Afraid of YouTube?

    Internet audience viewed online video that month. Tremor Video ranked second overall (and highest among video ad exchanges/networks) with 764 million ad views, followed by (720 million) and BrightRoll Video Network (603 million).

  5. Super Bowl SEO: Who Had the Best Organic Gameplan?

    However for the business development audience it was directed at, it was likely a winner, promising 100 free leads. Critical mass and social network fatigue, John Udell So let’s start with a quick look back at the 2007 National Championship game’s...